Til' Death Skull (old-type font) Black

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   A life-like human skull replica, meticulously crafted from resin, serves as the main attraction of this piece. The skull is hand-painted in a satin black finish, giving it a dark and mysterious allure. Across the forehead, the phrase “Til’ Death” is inscribed in an old-type font, adding a touch of vintage charm.

   The skull is 12" in height and displayed on an antique gold pedestal, which provides a striking contrast against the black skull. This pedestal is securely mounted on a 4"x 4" black marble base, further enhancing the overall aesthetic of the piece. To complete the look, antique gold feet are affixed to the base, providing stability while also complementing the gold pedestal.

   This piece combines elements of gothic and vintage design, resulting in a unique and captivating decorative item. Whether displayed in a personal collection or used as a conversation starter, this skull replica is sure to make a statement.